The name of this organization shall be the Bands Alumni Chapter of the West Chester University Alumni Association, hereby referred to as “the Chapter.”

The Chapter was founded in 2012 under the auspices of the West Chester University Alumni Association (WCUAA).


ARTICLE II.  Purpose

The purpose of the Bands Alumni Chapter shall be to promote the interests of West Chester University in all areas of academic, cultural, and social needs; to strengthen the Association through a strong network of graduates; and to increase alumni awareness of the University's needs. In accordance with the University’s Affirmative Action Policy, the West Chester University Alumni Association does not discriminate “on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, religious creed, disability, or veterans’ status. Nor does the Association allow any forms of sexual harassment.”


ARTICLE III.  Membership

Section 1.  Any person graduating from West Chester University, or its predecessors, and participated in the organization(s) known as Marching Band, Concert Band, Wind Symphony (previously known as Symphonic Band), Wind Ensemble, and/or the “Sixth Man” Basketball Band for at least one semester, shall be a member of the Chapter.


Section 2. All non-graduates who have attended West Chester University or its predecessors for at least two semesters and whose classes have graduated may become members of the Bands Alumni Chapter upon request.


ARTICLE IV.  Officers

Section 1. The Executive Director of the chapter shall be appointed by the WCU Director of Bands and shall serve a term to be determined by the WCU Director of Bands. The Executive Director shall be responsible for overseeing and advising upon all matters regarding Fundraising for the Director of Bands Scholarship, Membership Recruitment, management of the Executive Officer election process, and any other responsibilities assigned by the WCU Director of Bands not already represented in the Officer roles. The Executive Director of the Chapter shall be an ex officio (non-voting) member of the Executive Officers, and serve in an advisory capacity to the elected officers. The Executive Director must have served at least 1 term as President, and cannot concurrently be serving as an elected officer of the Chapter.  


Section 2. The Executive Officers of the Chapter shall be as follows: President, Vice President, and Secretary/Treasurer. 


Section 3. The duties of the Executive Officers of the Chapter shall be as follows:


Section 3.1. President: The President shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter.  The President shall be the principal representative of the Chapter at all Association and/or University functions where a Chapter representative is needed; decide all questions of order; offer for consideration all motions regularly made; appoint all committees; participate in the implementation of the decisions of the Chapter; and perform other duties that usually pertain to this office. The President shall be an advisor (non-voting) to committees. The President or an appointed designee shall serve as a liaison member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors.


Section 3.2. Vice President: The Vice President of the Chapter shall be first in line of succession to the President. The Vice President shall fulfill the duties of the President whenever the President is unable to do so and shall also perform the duties that usually pertain to this office or that may be assigned by the President.


Section 3.3. Secretary/Treasurer: The Secretary/Treasurer shall be second in line of succession to the President. The Secretary/Treasurer shall take the minutes of all meetings of the Chapter and shall also perform the duties that usually pertain to this office or that may be assigned by the President. The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for collecting and recording any funds related to Chapter events or programs.


Section 4. Should any officers of the Chapter resign or be unable to perform the duties of that office, the vacancy shall be filled by an election by the Board at the next regularly scheduled meeting.


ARTICLE V.  Meetings

Section 1.  The Chapter shall hold two regular meetings per year.

Section 2.  The following agenda shall be used at all regular meetings:

1.     Call to Order

2.     Opening Exercises

3.     Roll Call

4.     Reading, Correction, Approval, or Disapproval of Minutes of Previous Meetings

5.     Reports of Officers

6.     Brief Reports/Presentations of Special Guests

7.     Reports of Committees

8.     Report of WCU Alumni Relations

9.     Unfinished Business

10.   New Business

11.   Adjournment


Section 3. Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Chapter in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these bylaws, the bylaws of the WCU Alumni Association, and any special rules of order the Chapter may adopt.



The Chapter shall send an annual report of activities to the WCUAA Bylaws Committee by April 1 of each year and submit Chapter updates to the WCU Alumni Relations Office when requested to do so for the WCU Magazine and any websites used by the WCUAA and/or the WCU Alumni Relations Office. 


ARTICLE VII.  Committees

The President of the Chapter shall appoint all committees, as deemed necessary by the Chapter, by August 1 of each year and shall report the names of committee members to the Director of Alumni Relations.


ARTICLE VIII.  Terms of Office

Section 1.  Officers of the Chapter shall be limited to two consecutive two-year terms per office. Individuals can be re-elected to the same office after a two-year vacancy.


Section 2. Should there be a failure to elect or install any or all officers and Directors, those persons then in office shall hold over and shall retain the full authority of the respective positions until their successors shall be duly elected.


ARTICLE IX. Nominations and Elections

Section 1. Nominations


Section 1.1 All executive board officer positions are considered to be vacant for the biennial elections, regardless of whether the currently serving officers intend to run for a second 2-year term. All executive board officer descriptions will be announced three months prior to elections.


Section 1.2 Nominations for executive board positions will occur at the annual meeting on the Friday night before homecoming.


Section 1.3 Electronic nominations will be accepted by the secretary via online form until the Thursday night before homecoming.


Section 1.4 Prospective nominees do not need to be present to accept nominations. In this occurrence, a letter of intent to accept the nomination must be presented by a proxy at the annual homecoming meeting. 


Section 1.5 All nominees will be announced to the public within 2 days following the annual homecoming meeting.


Section 2. Elections


Section 2.1 Biyearly following homecoming in even numbered years, the Chapter membership shall vote upon executive officers as nominated from the general membership. 


Section 2.2 Voting will occur via electronic ballot.


Section 2.3 Elections will open the Friday following homecoming and will close after 10 days.


Section 2.4 All results will be announced within 48 hours of election close.


ARTICLE X. Quorums

Section 1. Membership present at a meeting of the Chapter shall constitute a quorum for that meeting.


Section 2. A simple majority of the members of a given committee shall constitute a quorum for committee meetings.


ARTICLE XI. Finances

The Bands Alumni Chapter is not organized for profit nor shall any party of the funds be used for the benefit of any member. No member shall be entitled to receive funds from the Bands Alumni Chapter, except for reimbursements of an authorized expense incurred on behalf of the Chapter.


ARTICLE XII. Amendments

Section 1. For a bylaw amendment to be considered, any member of the Chapter must present the proposed amendment in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer, along with a second. All amendments shall be presented to the Executive Officers.


Section 2. The Executive Officers shall vote upon the proposed bylaw amendments. All amendments receiving a two-thirds approval vote from the Executive Officers shall be presented to the general membership for vote.


Section 3. A notice of any proposed amendment must be distributed to all members at least one month prior to a general membership meeting. This notice shall contain the section of bylaws to be amended appearing in its original wording and with the proposed changes.


Section 4. Amendments must receive two–thirds approval of all present voting members to be modified.


Section 5. The bylaws shall be reviewed annually by the Chapter and by the WCUAA Bylaws Committee.


Section 6. No Chapter bylaws or amendments shall conflict with the Bylaws of the West Chester University Alumni Association.


Approved by WCUAA Bylaw Review Committee:

March 22, 2012; Hans van Mol, WCUAA Parliamentarian

Adopted and Recognized by WCUAA Board of Directors:

March 22, 2012; Ed Monroe, WCUAA President


Amended June 2014 at Summer Meeting:  Quorums, Article X, section 1

Amended October 2015 at Annual Meeting: Nominations and Elections, Article XI

Amended November 2018 at Annual Meeting:  Membership, Article III; Reports, Article VI; Nominations and Elections, Article XI, section 2.1

Amended October 2020 at Annual Meeting: Officers, Article IV; Article IX, Nominations and Elections